Moroccan wedding
“Every bride is beautiful on her wedding day. In Morocco, she gets to be a queen too” (Van Wagner). Every country has different and unique traditions and ceremonies. Morocco is not an exception. The traditional Moroccan wedding is rich of details and meaningful processes. The bride gets to dress in several outfits and the food as...
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music of morocco
The Magnificent Music of Morocco Moroccan Music Moroccan music is just as magical as the country itself. Different styles of music include Amazigh folk, gnawa, rai, chaabi, and Andalusian. What’s really special about Moroccan music is the amount of the cultural influences that are reflected in it. However, the separation of the sea has allowed...
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moroccan food
Eating Your Way Through Morocco: All the Must-Have Moroccan Dishes When you visit Morocco, it’s one thing to take in the beautiful scenery, but enjoying the Moroccan food is a whole other experience. The different flavors and spices are out of this world! If cumin, saffron, turmeric, ground ginger, cardamom, and paprika are some of...
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Is It Safe for Women to Travel to Morocco?
Is It Safe for Women to Travel to Morocco? Morocco is a beautiful country! Whether you’re traveling alone or in a large group, Morocco is a very safe place for women to visit. For those who have never visited before, it can be very intimidating to visit a Muslim country for the first time. But...
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“Why Morocco?” This was usually the first question people asked me why my friends and I had decided to spend money on a vacation in this exotic-and-mystical-by-reputation country in North Africa. In the Philippines where we’re from, when people think of going on a vacation outside of Asia, it would usually mean the US, Canada,...
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