Is Morocco safe? An important question for every traveller who is the phase of planning the trip and staring at the discount price for the flying ticket. Should I go? Should I stay and just google the pictures? I heard some stories about this country, maybe it is the best for me to choose a...
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Morocco is a country full of secrets. You can travel many days, but still don’t manage to find every hidden gem. But with Simply Morocco you can transform your holiday in North Africa to the biggest adventure and get to the every treasure on your travels. This Morocco Itinerary let you visit the Atlas mountains,...
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After all, what’s all the excitement about visiting Morocco? Why do so many people, especially women, search for this place, if it’s such a different country compared to others? This has always been my question, until I had the courage and go there and see with my own eyes the beauty and what makes this...
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Morocco. African country with European roots. A favorite destination for adventurous travelers and backpackers and an exotic experience for old-fashioned holidaymakers. Travel to Morocco and discover the beauties of its cities, experience a trip to the desert and the Atlas Mountains, catch the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and be absorbed by the amazing atmosphere...
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Moroccan riads
Riad Adika If you’re thinking of planning a trip to Morocco anytime soon, make sure you set aside one or two nights to stay in a Moroccan Riad. Riads are found in the Medinas, or the walled cities of Morocco and are a great way to experience the traditional Moroccan culture. Riad Goloboy A Riad...
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Moroccan sahara
Moroccan Sahara: What a Sahara Tour is Really Like While discussing Morocco’s most unique experiences with Ali, a charming staff member at my riad in Marrakech, he mentions camping under infinite stars in the dunes of the Moroccan Sahara. My eyes widen with wonder, and I pack my bags almost as soon as the words...
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