Is Morocco Safe? Helpful Things to Know Before You Go

Is Morocco safe? An important question for every traveller who is the phase of planning the trip and staring at the discount price for the flying ticket. Should I go? Should I stay and just google the pictures? I heard some stories about this country, maybe it is the best for me to choose a different destination. Don’t listen to the stories, make your own story and follow these tips how to be comfortable in Morocco and how to enjoy every minute with no stress.

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Morocco is a beautiful country with rich history and amazing natures wonders. But it needs to be on your mind, it is a Muslim country and that means, it is a lot different than countries in the West. Please keep this in your mind and respect the different cultures and laws. 

Moroccan people are very friendly and welcoming to the tourists. they will want to help you in every situation, but in the common touristy area, you can find different type of individuals, who only want the money from your pocket. Be aware of scams, touts and faux guides. If someone approaches you, with no sign of tourist licence and identification and offers the services of the guides or services of another nature (perfect shop, hidden place with discounts, tourist attraction, trip, taxi, etc.), say firm no. Avoid eye contact and ignore them, they will usually go away. Do not commit yourself in the conversation with these individuals, and if they still annoy you, say the magic words, “I will call the police”. They will understand and go away. But don’t be discouraged by this example! You are a tourist, you are bringing the money into the country, of course, everyone working on the street, wants their piece. Just remember, put your sunglasses on, don’t react and move on. 

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Are you afraid to travel alone? Don’t be. Morocco is a perfect destination for the independent travellers, just remember the basic rules of the safety, like you do, when you travel to any different country alone. Don’t find yourself in some shady neighbors with no working street lamps, in the night, stay in the center and don’t wander into the places where you don’t recognize anything. In the case of lost in the night, always try to find your home with the help of professional taxi service, don’t put yourself on the long journey on the street. Always keep your bag and handbag secure. In the crowded areas, there is a big chance of pickpocketing or snatching your belongings. It is advised, to leave your passport and travel documents in the hotel safe, and carry with you only the copy. In the souks or markets, never accepted anything for free. Everything has its price and the “free” thing can cost you a lot of money and time.

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“I have first visited Morocco as a solo traveller. I am a girl and I always travel alone and Morocco for me was just an another country in the line. I love adventures and exploring and my big dream was to visit Sahara desert. And it hasn’t crossed my mind, not even for once, to miss my opportunity, to fulfill my dreams. I haven’t felt safe on my every step, but the truth is, I was SAFE. It was just my mind, playing tricks on me and still telling me to be careful. My advice is, have respect for this country and culture, be alert at any times and don’t put yourself in dangerous situations or areas. And you will be fine. Morocco is a beautiful country and locals appreciate tourists and are ready to help. They want you to have the best holiday and travellers experience in Morocco and they will take care of you.”

Maria, 30 y.o.

Always try to book your trips and guides with professional and licensed companies. Never hire someone from the street (in the city, mountains, desert) who promises you the best price. These people can be very fishy and are not trustworthy. Always be precise with your bookings and check the reviews from previous travelers. 

Is Morocco safe for a female solo traveller? In Morocco, you can experience some unwanted attention, especially in the summer, when you are showing more skin, than regular Muslim women would. You are from different world, so you are interesting for the young boys or for bored Moroccan men on the streets, so maybe you will hear some cat calling or even wedding proposals. Ignore everything and go away. Don’t engage in the conversations, avoid eye contact and keep walking. If someone really bothers you and even follows you, find the nearest police officer or ask for the help of any other tourist, local or a shop owner. Never agree on meeting someone you don’t know on the place you don’t know, with no other people.

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Is Morocco safe? Morocco is as safe as you care about your own safety. Be prepared for your travel, don’t take everything spontaneously (it has its own magic, it is true), know the address of your hotel, remember basic rules for Muslim culture, don’t be rude to the locals or unrespectful, don’t take risks and always do your research when you decide to travel with a company or guide. Always have the map with you, or buy a local SIM card for the internet and you will never get lost. But don’t forget, don’t let your fear of the new to keep you away from the best experiences of your travel

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