Is Morocco safe? An important question for every traveller who is the phase of planning the trip and staring at the discount price for the flying ticket. Should I go? Should I stay and just google the pictures? I heard some stories about this country, maybe it is the best for me to choose a...
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After all, what’s all the excitement about visiting Morocco? Why do so many people, especially women, search for this place, if it’s such a different country compared to others? This has always been my question, until I had the courage and go there and see with my own eyes the beauty and what makes this...
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Is It Safe for Women to Travel to Morocco?
Is It Safe for Women to Travel to Morocco? Morocco is a beautiful country! Whether you’re traveling alone or in a large group, Morocco is a very safe place for women to visit. For those who have never visited before, it can be very intimidating to visit a Muslim country for the first time. But...
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