Agadir: 14 Best Things to Do and Places to Visit

Adventure trips, unconventional experiences, getting to know the unknown and fateful encounters with new people. This is traveling around Morocco. Admiring and visiting Moroccan cities with a long history enriches both eyes and soul. It is fulfilling.

As a part of your wandering we invite you to Agadir, the city situated on the Atlantic coast. Do you hear the voice of the water? Let’s find out what to do in this beautiful and sunny city.

Relax on Taghazout and Agadir beach

Slight laziness with fine sand under the feet and sun overhead. In Agadir you must not miss the beach relax and everything that comes with it! Try surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding or enjoy a long romantic stroll along the coast. Visit the popular beach of Agadir or Taghazout.


Hike to Agadir Oufella

Climbing to ruins doesn’t sound like a good idea. But the big treasures are always hidden at the top! An architectural monument, Agadir Kasbah, today ruins, but once a place lined with rich history. Enjoy amazing views from Oufella and remember to have a full battery on your camera. Another great point to watch the sunset! And sunsets in Morocco are the best!


Visit Souk El had dAgadir

Place where you can find all of traditional Moroccan handicrafts. Friday Market has its charm and you have the opportunity to be absorbed by Moroccan nature even more. Take home with you, Argan oil, Moroccan lamps, traditional clothing or leather products. But you can also buy small handmade magnets.

Experience the hamam

Why do we mention hamam so often? Because you just have to try it! Traveling in Morocco can be challenging and you need time for complete cleanse and relax. Hamam is a traditional Moroccan bath from which you will return as a rebirth! Your skin will be softer than ever! And your heart too.


Visit Croco park

Are you afraid of crocodiles? Then do not enter Croco Park. There are up to 300 pieces! But joking sideways, Croco Park is the largest crocodile collection in Morocco, and besides these majestic animals you can admire the beautiful natural environment.


Visit Souss-Massa National Park

33 800 hectare national park on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, a national heritage in the south of Agadir. A beautiful wild landscapes with cliffs, sand dunes and forest with many animal and bird species. A balm for your soul.


Camel ride… Or horseback

Many travelers who have decided to visit Morocco are attracted by the camel riding experience. Well, understandable, not everyone has a camel at home. But in Agadir you can also ride a horse and enjoy a unique walk through the beautiful gardens from the horseback. And don’t worry, the camels will wait for you in the Sahara.


Paradise Valley

Have you ever found yourself in paradise? Now you have a unique opportunity! A short distance from Agadir you can find Paradise Valley, a place for hiking, walks and refreshing in the natural ponds. Take a short trip from the city and enjoy the freedom of nature!

by Simo Chioukh

Accrobranche Souss Park

Visit the small garden and the zoo, especially if you are traveling with children in Morocco. Quiet place full of beautiful trees and flowers, but also with small animals.


Ferris Wheel

Looking at these giants is always reminiscent of romantic movies. You can also experience your own romantic scene in Agadir while traveling around Morocco. Just sit on the bench and let yourself be carried up by La Grande Rue Agadir. Enjoy these moments with your significant other!


Visit Memoire d’Agadir

A small museum that offers you a photographic look into the past of Agadir. How the city looked before and after the earthquake. Admission costs only 20 MAD and after seeing all the photos, you can take your eyes to the beautiful gardens.


Seafront Promenade

Walk in the park with spectacular ocean views. Let the Atlantic air play with your hair while you enjoy the time for yourself. The Seafront promenade is a popular place for a peaceful rest not only for tourists, but also for locals who enjoy the day or sunset. And in the evening and in the night it turns into a lively and busy place full of attractions.


Amazigh Museum

Another museum can be found in the city center. Learn more about Berber culture and their past lives. The museum offers several exhibitions that include artifacts from the history of the surroundings and life of local Berbers in it.


Vallée des Oiseaux

Bird park, which you can visit for free. You will here find many bird species, from flamingos to parrots, but you will also meet llamas, rabbits or goats. Another great location for visiting with children and animal lovers.


Enjoy this Moroccan city and embrace its culture and vibe. Agadir has for you a plenty of the sunny days and unique experiences.

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