Tangier: 20 Best Things to Do and Places to Visit

Let’s catch the sun in Tangier! And this sun will taste like Morocco, Spain, Portugal and France in one. This place in the north of the country brings you the right summer European-African sensation – exotic, alive and calm in the same time. Travel in Morocco and explore Tangier with us!

Ville Nouvelle

New city of Tangier with stunning architecture from 19th and 20th century. Visit Terrace des Paresseux for the fantastic ocean view. In the good weather, you can also see the Gibraltar and southern Spain.


Camel ride on beach

Almost same experience like in desert. But this time, you feel the touch of Mediterranean sea in the wind and salty tastes in the air. You can enjoy sandy beach from a camel back and admire the sea view. The camel ride is one of the top experience when you travel to Morocco.


St. Andrew’s Church

An Anglican church from the year 1890 is an interesting place to visit. You will find here lush green churchyard with the graves of many historical figures and you can also visit the chapel. Take a moment to appreciate the calmness of this place.


Chillin’ on the beach

Long beach of Tangier is the best place for your relax. You will enjoy the clean sand and water with pleasant temperature. Perfect place not just for the sunbathing but also for peaceful and quiet walk along the seashore. Close to the city you can find romantic beach Playa Blanca, for summer sports are best city beach Plage municipale and Plage Malabata and the beautiful views wait for you on Achakkar beach, where you can also find famous Caves of Hercules. Let’s get ready for plenty of Vitamin D!


Caves of Hercules

On your way, also visit Hercules caves, 14 kilometres from Tangier. This place was mentioned in many legends and myths, a cave complex happened to be shelter for the night for famous Hercules on his way to steal three apples. Another story believes, this cave is one end of the tunnel between Morocco and Spain. Want to have a look?


Teatro Cervantes

Dreamy theater in art Deco style from 1913. This place has its own spirit, just imagine all of the people excited for the new spectacle, teenagers, couples, ready for the new shows.


Grand Cafe de Paris

Don’t miss this cafe for a cup of coffee or mint tea. Grand Cafe de Paris stands from the year 1927. Do not be discouraged by the exterior, the real gem will be found inside. You can taste lots of nostalgia there along the sipping your afternoon drink.


Petit Socco

Small square with cosy atmosphere. Visit Cafe Tingis with Beatnik atmosphere and take a moment to relax in this home-feeling place. After, you can choose one of many small streets to explore Medina.


Visit souks

Not only small vendors in the narrow alleys, but also take a peek on Berber farmer’s market. Colourful place inside of Medina where you can buy almost everything. Be ready to bargain, but not too hard. Always stay respectful towards the locals.


Tomb of Ibn Batouta

Get inspired by the greatest traveller of 14th century, Ibn Batouta and visit the last stop of his adventurous life. Ibn Batouta managed to travel across the Middle East, Asia, Russia, Sri Lanka and Africa and his spirit on this place is truly heartening. And you have so much in common, you are travelling too, aren’t you.


Eat seafood

In Tangier, every step you take, you feel the sea. And of course, you have to take a bite. If you are a fan of the treasures of the sea or sea food and craving some good piece of the fish, visit seafood restaurant Populaire Saveur de Poisson or any other restaurant in the seaside with fresh catch.


American legation

Museum of Moroccan-American diplomatic relations is an interesting place, cultural centre with research library built in colonial style. This building was the first public property of USA outside of USA. Fill your Moroccan travels with history!


Dar el-Makhzen Palace and Kasbah Museum

In the northern part of the Medina, find the gate which opens to large courtyard decorated with wooden ceilings and marble fountains and you will see Dar el-Makhzen Palace and the modern-day Kasbah Museum. This was the home of the Sultan, today it is a chance to meet the past. Do not miss this historic site of the city, colorful stairs in Medina will lead your way.


Cafe Hafa

Beautiful panoramatic view from the hill on the Mediterranean sea with traditional Moroccan tea, hot soup bissara or other Moroccan specialities. Cafe Hafa is a cultural spot loved by tourists and local Tangierians. Get ready to relax and take in the scenery.


Tangier City Tour

Hop on Hop off is always a good idea when your legs weren’t created for the long walk. This day tour is the popular form of visiting the tourist attractions and the places of interests. It can save the lot of time and after all day full of sightseeing you will still feel fresh. This tour includes all of the best places in Tangier in 11 stops.


Grand Socco

Your meeting point and vivid marketplace in the middle of the city, beating heart of Tangier. On one side you can find the new part of the city and on the other, the historic Medina. Next to Grand Socco are Mendoubia Gardens with legendary banyan tree.


Perdicaris Park

Also known as Park Rmilat offers you a perfect escape from the city and tourists to the nature. 70 hectares between the sea and the mountain is the perfect place for strolling, hiking or peaceful picnic with bird watching. A few hours in the green and your energy is completely recharged.


Cap Spartel

Visit Cap Spartel, 11 kilometers from Tangier you can find yourself in the northwest tip of Africa. Best time to come is sunset time, when settles over the Atlantic. Do not miss taking the picture with the lighthouse.


Take a day trip to Chefchaouen

The blue pearl of Morocco. Chefchaouen is an iconic small Moroccan city with blue Medina and picturesque alleys and houses. And everything in blue color. Chefchaouen is only 120 km from Tangier, and it’s designed for you to take a day trip to this beauty wearing the shades of the most beautiful blue. Write it in your itinerary for travelling in Morocco!


Take a trip to Assilah

A fishing town in the white with ancient Kasbah build by the Portuguese. If you are travelling in Morocco in summer time, you have the perfect opportunity to attend Assilah Arts Festival. In the souk you will also have a chance to buy authentic Berber rugs and vintage textiles. And of course, don’t forget to visit lovely Assilah beaches.


Tangier is one of the best place to visit when you are traveling in Morocco and desire relax with European vibes. The northwestern area of the country offers charming adventure in small cities, in the seaside or in the greens. And Tangier is one of them.

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