Casablanca: 18 Best Things to Do and Places to Visit

“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.” To get in the mood of visiting beautiful white Casablanca, remember the iconic romantic drama from 1942 starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. First, you can taste the charm of Casablanca on screen and after, step into the city and experience this feeling for real. The scene is yours.

Take a look at the list of the best things to do and places to visit in this biggest Moroccan city architecturally built with a touch of European style. Travel to Morocco and meet Casablanca!

Hassan II Mosque

One of the largest mosques in the world, is a place to meet God and at the same time to admire the intricate and detailed decorative work of every piece of building and courtyard. Hasan II Mosque was recently completed, only in 1993 and is also open to non-Muslims. You can easily find the mosque. Just take your steps to the side of the ocean, the 210-meter-long minaret can easily guide you.

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Rick’s bar

One may think, Casablanca film was made in Casablanca. But the truth is, it was all Hollywood set. And so it was Rick’s bar. But tourists travelling to Casablanca still can find this iconic bar, relax with piano music and enjoy their drink. Admire stylish setting and feel like you are a main hero now and part of the movie past.


Cathedrale Sacre-Coeur

The Sacré-Cœur Cathedral was designed by the French architect Paul Tournon and built in 1930. Nowadays it is a home of exhibitions and fairs. We recommended to visit the tower, the view is fantastic.


Habous neighborhood and King’s palace

Where the king sleeps? In the palace! However, you don’t get the chance to see the interior of this opulent home, but you still can admire King’ palace from a large open square in front. This palace can be found in quiet “quartier” called Habous. Wide and well maintained area is one of the most pleasant places in Casablanca where you don’t meet crowds of tourists. Just another face of Casablanca.


Mahkama du pacha

Mahkama du pacha is a parliamentary building, sometimes referred to as the ‘Prefecture of Habbous’. Inside you can admire traditional Moroccan architecture with arches, mosaic decorations and ornaments and this place is considered for the paradise of photographers. For entry is needed to gain permission, and be aware, this can be difficult because the building is still in use.


La Corniche

The sun and beach relax on the west from the II Mosque! Visit La Corniche and enjoy the holiday atmosphere. Corniche Boulevard is lined with shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. Beautiful place to enjoy a peaceful walk in sand.


Moroccan Jewish Museum

The history of the Jewish nation in Morocco is stored in the Museum of Moroccan Judaism. Visit this place that expresses respect for a different religion in the Arab world. You will have the honor to view historical artifacts, photographs, tools or clothes.


Marche Central

Rush and excitement, you can only find on the market. Go to a central market where you witness a typical act of getting the best from the best. You never know what catches your eye. Maybe fresh figs or traditional Moroccan leather shoes will now travel in Morocco with you.


Notre Dame de Lourdes

20 000 Catholics live in Casablanca and Notre Dame de Lourdes serves for these believers inside of the beautiful sacred place with modern architecture. Inside you can find enormous stained windows and Moroccan carpets of the highest quality. And also, Notre Dame gives you peace and a little break from the rushing city.


Mohammed V Square

Don’t miss a visit of the city center square Mohammed V. In the square you will find the Palace of Justice building, and it is also a perfect meeting point not only for tourists. You can also enjoy the unique Moroccan street food and soak up the atmosphere of Casablanca’s life.


Eating in Casablanca

Prepare your hungry bellies for a properly grilled lamb. In Casablanca you will taste authentic Moroccan dishes as well as European cuisine. You will come across many French restaurants, but there are also Spanish and Indian ones.


Bab Marrakech Souk

Bab Marrakech is a symbol of the old market and the old Medina. Don’t forget to insure your memories with beautiful Moroccan souvenirs. We encourage you to buy authentic spices or leather products, but you will surely be enchanted by more beautiful things in the shops and markets well-known for Bab Marrakech.


Villa des Artes

More than 800 permanent artworks along with temporary expositions, Villa des Artes offers you the opportunity to meet contemporary arts of Moroccan culture. Native and international artists present their work in the Art Deco building.


Street Art

Street art is always an eye strain, whether you are an artistic expert or not. Stroll through the streets of Casablanca and enjoy the masterpieces created under the veil of the night.


Sky 28

Up to the clouds! Or at least on the 28th floor. Visit the extravagant bar Sky 28 and enjoy the views of the city. Life will flow under you in old Medina and you will become a silent observer with a drink in hand.


Parc de Jeux Sindibad

Park Sindibad is an amusement park projected for family fun on attractions designed for the child’s happiness. You can spend a good part of your day and besides the fun and good views of the city during your rides, you can also visit restaurants, souvenir shop or small ZOO with lions. The park was reopened in 2015 and before, it was a popular place for photographers who wanted to take pictures of abandoned place, a little ghost town, which used to be full of life and happy laughs. But today life is overflowing here again.


Morocco Mall

Fancy to visit Africa’s largest shopping mall and looking for some global luxury brands? Come to Morocco’s Mega Mall, which can be found just outside of Casablanca. A different world from the markets on the streets and souks, but you can also find here many attractions as 3D IMAX cinema, ice skating or kiddie theme park Adventureland.


Island Marabout de Sidi Abderrahmane

A pilgrimage site where Sidi Abderrahmane Thaalibi, a Moroccan saint, was buried. You can find the tiny island just a few meters away from the coast and get there on the newly built bridge. This place is all about legends and myths and has a mysterious vibe. Come visit this place and seek spiritual enlightenment.

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