The Blue City of Morocco, All You Need to Know

This pearl does not hide in the sea. For its shining beauty, you have to head north of Morocco, there in the green valley, waiting for all travelers who are ready for a unique Moroccan adventure in all shades of blue. Chefchaouen, the blue city of Morocco.

By nathalie_wanders

Blue, blue, blue… Get the best pictures!

Wherever you look, you’ll see blue. The old town of Chefchaouen is famous for its blue face and you will get countless opportunities to grab the best photos. In some places you will wait in queue, but you will also find romantic corners, gates or small private courtyards that are only ready for your pose. Prepare some dirhams for the owners!

Hike to spanish mosque

Stretch your leg muscles in a short hike to the Spanish Mosque, which has risen above the city since 1920. A refreshing stroll and at its end treasure in the form of a beautiful view. Watch how Chefchaouen wakes up or enjoy the amazing sunset.

Enjoy breakfast in the square

Sit, relax and enjoy your morning! In the pittoresque square, choose one of the many cafes and sit back with a view of Moroccan life around you. During the morning, there will be only a few tourists in the small square, the early birds – the merchants who will also prepare for the new day with their goods. And you can watch it all with mint tea in your hand and with an egg omelet on a plate.


Walk along the river and visit Cascades d’Akchour

About 45 minutes driving from Chefchaouen, you find yourself in the Rif Mountains. Let’s start your hike along the river and visit a beautiful and calm place with a series of waterfalls. Meet the fresh water and refresh your soul.


Visit the souk

Visiting a souk in Moroccan cities is always a unique experience! In addition to the typical handicrafts you have met in the larger souks during your travelling in Morocco, Chefchaouen will also feature brand new souvenirs and items typical of North Morocco.


Get lost in the Medina

The Chefchaouen Medina is a small labyrinth that takes about 30 minutes. But if you get lost, it will be an adventure for a few hours! The most beautiful corners of the city await you in the blue streets, on the white steps and in front of the wooden gates in the narrow streets. Also, you will find an unique bazars with lots of souvenirs here.

By the_bohotraveller

A whole new world… in Aladdin restaurant

A romantic atmosphere in a restaurant that reminds of the famous story of Aladdin and Jasmine. Come here to enjoy the Spanish omelette or traditional Moroccan specialties, sit on the balcony and the scene for your evening will be the beautiful view of the square.


Visit Kasbah Museum and Gallery

Explore the Blue City through the past in a small ethnographic museum and through the art of local artists in the gallery. Enter the heavily walled fortress, admire the small garden and be sure to ascend to the top. Another beautiful city view awaits you.


Be part of the nightlife

Hit the streets when the sun is asleep! Chefchaouen comes alive under the night lamps and it will seem to you that it is more busy outside in the late hours! Enjoy a cocktail at one of the many cafes or bars, buy a small festive snack on the street and enjoy the night breeze.


The blue city may also be part of your Morocco guided trip or tour. It is a popular stop for tourists traveling from desert or Fes. If Chefchaouen is not part of a booked trip program, you can still travel by your own.

Blue adventure in this little town is something you just simply can not miss! And those beautiful pictures will be like pearls in your Moroccan photo album!

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