How to Pack for Your Trip to Morocco – 10 Essentials

How To Pack To Morocco

To make the most of your stay in Morocco we gathered for you this Morocco packing list that includes everything you’ll need during your trip. Travel Morocco with ease using these items.

Lonely Planet Book

Morocco’s Lonely Planet book is your guide to the most important, must have advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden gems await you. Wander the Marrakesh medina, get lost in the blue alleys of Chefchaouen, and relax on a Mediterranean beach; all with your trusted travel companion. Get in touch with the heart of Morocco and begin your trip to Morocco now!

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LifeStraw Water Bottle

If you’re planning your trip to Morocco around summer be prepared because the climate gets hot and you’ll need to make sure to stay hydrated. So it’s always a good idea to keep a bottle of water with you. Since bottled water is available for purchase in most parts of the country as the tap water is kind of unsafe to drink. You will save money and reduce your environmental footprint by bringing a reusable bottle with a reliable filter like this one.

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Portable Charger

A priceless item to bring on a trip overseas is a reliable, portable charger. Especially if you’re using your smartphone for navigation, translation, photos and video of those wonderful places around Morocco. You won’t want to find yourself stuck in a situation where your battery is out of charge. Leave this small portable charger in your backpack or purse to have as a backup battery when you need it most. You may come to situations where you will be last and you don’t speak the language this will really come in handy!

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Morocco Power Adapter

Power outlets in Morocco are alike the ones in EU. It take two round pins and may or may not be grounded, so you’ll absolutely need to bring a power adapter. All in one International Power Adapter with 4 x USB ports and 1 Universal AC Socket, can charge up to 5 devices to simultaneously . The travel adapter Covers over 150 countries among them Morocco. It also has built-in 6.3A safety fuse completely to protect your devices which is awesome!

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Foldable Sunglasses

While you’re enjoying the warmth of the sun when in Morocco, it would be wise to have a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes against harmful UVA/UVB ray. You can’t go wrong with these trendy and foldable sunglasses that will fit in your pocket once the sun sets.

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Set of TSA Approved Toiletry Bag

If you’re actually still utilizing a big plastic Ziploc sack to pack your toiletries when you go out traveling, then hello there! Now is the right time to move up to a genuine toiletry bag. A TSA Approved Travel Toiletry Bag yes you heard that right!

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Foldable Travel Bag

It’s incredible to travel with a bag like this one. It’s compact and occupies barely any room in your luggage. To such an extent that you’ll fail to remember you even packed it until the end of your trip when you’ll need it to bring back the entirety of your Moroccan souvenirs. Use it as a beach bag or for whatever other startling need that might emerge. Also effectively attach the duffel to your carry-on handle for hassle free transport at the airport or around the country.

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Neck Wallet

Whenever you’re traveling to a new place, you’ll want to feel that your important things are safe and secure. This neck wallet is perfect for holding your phone, passport, credit cards, and cash all in its separate pockets. Which will keep your belongings organized and easily accessible. You can wear it under your clothes to protect yourself from pickpockets, particularly when visiting crowded or touristy locations like markets and souks.

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Theft Proof Backpack

It’s the right thing to do when you bring along a small and stylish backpack for excursions and outings while in Morocco. This anti-theft backpack is perfect for carrying all your valuable belongings and keeping them secure and out of reach from pickpockets. With couple of hidden pockets and an anti-theft zipper, you won’t regret having this trendy and useful bag.

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Deodorant Wipes

 As we’ve referenced previously, Morocco can absolutely get extremely hot, particularly throughout the summer months. It’s incredible to have deodorant wipes available to refresh during long journeys of touring, sightseeing, or hiking. These wipes will keep you feeling and smelling clean. Which trust us, it’s a must to have throughout your experience in Morocco.

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Additional items to consider bringing

> Vlogging Camera

> 360 Camera

> Sunscreen

> Hand Sanitizer

> Travel Pillow

> Hiking Shoes

> TSA Approved travel sized bottles

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